I Can Eat Gluten Again!

Hi guys, I'm Nathan, the founder of Time Traveler's Bakery. Let me tell you why "I Can Eat Gluten Again", but first let me tell you why I couldn't eat gluten for so long. I couldn't eat gluten for 5 years because it gave me full body pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, mental health issues, and stomach/digestion issues. Being off gluten and dairy resolved my long list of symptoms, but it also left me without the energy and nutrition that I needed.

So I began the long road of research to figure out how I could get wheat back into my diet. Through all of this research I discovered two keys that have allowed me to eat as much wheat as I want without any problems.

The two keys that I discovered are, wheat quality and fermentation.

Wheat Quality

Americas wheat supply is very dirty. It is often contaminated with a myriad of chemicals, stripped of its nutrients, and cross bread in extremely high amounts. We do our research and source some of the cleanest wheat in the United States. It is old time, non-cross bread, whole wheat that is completely chemical free, and as an added benefit it has the milky white color and flavor of commercial white flour, even though it is whole wheat! 


We never use man-made yeast in any of our bread, instead we use fermentation. Probiotics in the fermentation process "pre-digest" the gluten in our bread, so that your stomach doesn't have to do the hard work! Fermentation also gives our bread an excellent shelf life of 1 to 2 weeks, and it makes our bread much less likely to spike your blood sugar! Our process uses more probiotics and more ferment time than any other bread that we have found, making it some of the best tasting and best-for-your-belly bread out there.

This fermentation based baking with old time wheat is how bread was made for thousands of years. We're proud to bring gut friendly bread back to America's tables. Give us a try, your taste buds, and your belly with thank you!


Will This Bread Work For Me?

General Autoimmune disorders

Every auto-immune disorder that we have researched is highly affected by gluten consumption. I myself have fybromyalgia and have found that this bread works for me. We have customers with many disorders ranging from gluten sensitivity to chron's disease and our bread works for them. Every body is different, but our return customers from many different walks of health speak for themselves.

Gluten Sensitivity

It is very common to have mental health and stomach issues from eating gluten, but to not have a diagnosis of a wheat allergy or autoimmune disorder. These people are known as gluten sensitive/intolerant. Gluten sensitive people can almost always eat our bread without any issues!


Our Hashimotos customers rave about our bread and love coming back to purchase more each week. They say that they eat it every other day and have no issues. 

Wheat Allergies 

There are some individuals who have a diagnosed allergy to wheat itself, and not to gluten. We have not been able to perform tests on anyone dealing with this condition. Through our research we have found that many people with diagnosed wheat allergies are actually allergic to glyphosates (a chemical added to some american wheat). Our wheat contains no glyphosates, or any other chemicals for that matter. This could be a good sign for many with wheat allergies. 


We do have celiac customers who are repeat purchasers of our bread, but we never want to guarantee anything to a celiac customer as celiac's is an autoimmune disorder that is extremely interwoven with gluten consumption. In the end we always say feel free to try it and make an educated decision for yourself, and please involve your doctor and/or research in your decision. 

Crohn's Disease

Not only do we have Chron's Disease amongst our return customers, but we also have it in our family. We have seen that this bread is a great option for many people dealing with Chron's, and we wish you all success and great taste as you explore it for yourself. 

Insulin Resistance/Diabetes

Many people who have to watch their blood sugar have found that our bread is a great option. We've heard it said that "it is the only bread I can eat without experiencing brain fog, fatigue, and a heavy feeling stomach." As we said before, the reason why this bread is so good on blood sugar is because the heavy fermentation breaks down carbs. All things should be done in moderation, but you can't argue with those that eat our bread, measure their blood sugar levels, and then say, it works!

Ulcerative Colitis

Some of our most loyal customers suffer from Ulcerative Colitis. We have seen some people with Ulcerative Colitis find success with this bread even when they order and consume multiple loaves a week. We always suggest that you listen to your own body and your own limits, but we can't help but celebrate the relief that some people have had. 

We acknowledge that every body is different and that our methods will not work for everyone. This bread is not meant to cure or treat any illnesses. As with all dietary changes consider involving your doctor and doing your research. We wish you happiness in your health journey and HAPPY EATING!